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Noonday Collection 

Meet Shayna Martin.  

Jewelry: it’s probably in your wedding budget.  What if the money you spent on jewelry (for yourself and others) could also make a worldwide impact?  According to Noonday Ambassador Shayna Martin, it's possible to wear beautiful handcrafted jewelry and make a difference for people around the globe.    

Shayna explains:  “Noonday works to create a flourishing world that empowers women, cherishes children, connects people and creates jobs. They do this by creating meaningful opportunities in vulnerable communities.” 

I cross paths with Shayna fairly often, and I honestly look forward to seeing what kind of jewelry she’s wearing “today.”  She tells me about the country where the piece was produced and the unique materials the local artisans use in their designs:  natural materials like stone, shell, hide and wood; reclaimed militaria and recycled metals; textiles; and unexpected materials…rolled paper beads, for example.  Beautifully crafted, colorful, uniquely textured paper beads that you won’t believe are paper.  You have to see this to believe it. 

The owners of Noonday Collection travel the world in search of artisan entrepreneurs.  They design jewelry and accessories in collaboration with talented Artisans, using unique materials and traditional skills to create beautiful jewelry. They develop artisan businesses through fair trade, empowering them to grow sustainably. By connecting artisan businesses to a growing market for their goods, Noonday enables them to create dignified jobs for people in their communities who need them.

Shayna became an Ambassador with Noonday Collection a year ago, but her heart for empowering women and creating change in the world began in high school. Shayna traveled to different areas of Thailand, Ecuador, Ukraine and our very own San Francisco studying the patterns of poverty and oppression in the world.

"I felt heartbroken and powerless after visiting these places because the problems seemed too big for me to fix. I'm just one person, what can I do? When I learned about Noonday and the work that they do, I was so excited to join in their mission of creating a flourishing world!"

Shayna also loves seeing a person's dream wedding come together. Inspired by her own wedding planning experience, Shayna has helped with dozens of her friends' weddings in multiple capacities including bridesmaid, hair dresser, musician, decorator, planner, and now stylist.

Come talk to Shayna at the Heart of Rock Open House on April 14th.  Bring your inspiration photos and tell Shayna about the unique style you’re creating.  Let her help you style your wedding.  Try on samples and look through the catalogs of the beautiful jewelry available to order.

Noonday Collection currently partners with 12 countries and employs over 4,000 artisans. Visit Shayna’s website to read the inspiring stories of the artisans and the cultural techniques they use.


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